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03-August-2016 Davao media gets enlightened on biotechnology
03-August-2016 UP law professors point out need for biotech communicators
25-May-2016 Philippine American Academy of Science and Engineering calls for resumption of Bt eggplant research
04-May-2016 Plant Biotech Continues to Gain Ground in the Philippines
02-March-2016 Philippine government approves revised GM regulations
02-March-2016 Filipino farmer leaders learn from Bt brinjal farmers in Bangladesh

25-November-2015 Filipino Students Learn about Modern Biotech Principles and Applications
20-November-2015 DOST-PCAARRD leads the National Biotechnology Week 2015
15-October-2015 DA undersecretary acknowledges support of farmers and agri stakeholders for Bt eggplant
07-October-2015 Agri-biotech Discussed in APEC 2015
07-September-2015 Filipino experts and agri stakeholders discuss gender and GM crops
25-August-2015 Filipino biotech researchers train on IP management
29-July-2015 Philippine Region 2 farmers eager to grow Bt eggplant
16-July-2015 Biotech cited for food diversity in PHL NAST Annual Scientific Meeting
03-July-2015 PhilRice develops method for rice viral infection detection
03-July-2015 University of the Philippines explores faster Salmonella detection in meat through biotech
26-May-2015 Screening genetic defects in domestic livestock tackled in PHL NAST roundtable discussion
25-May-2015 NAST Philippines holds a roundtable discussion on livestock nutritional biotech
21-April-2015 SEARCA BIC takes part in international biotech communications training, conference, and meeting
01-April-2015 Bicol state university faculty and researchers trained on biotech communication
01-April-2015 Bicol farmers eager for Bt eggplant commercialization
12-March-2015 Golden Rice pushed to combat vitamin A deficiency
02-March-2015 Philippines ranks 12th among top biotech planting countries in 2014
05-March-2015 Mississippi State University professor highlights application of genomics in agri
09-February-2015 NYU professor talks about the importance of the genome and evolutionary biology
18-November-2014 Crop biotech for resilience, equity, and ASEAN integration tackled in international conference
23-October-2014 Pangasinan agriculture officers and farmers appreciate biotech in seminar-workshop
21-October-2014 Key Stakeholders from PH provinces join growing support for Bt eggplant
16-October-2014 BTI scientist talks about sequencing Solanaceae Genome
22-September-2014 Philippine NAST talks biotech with local policymakers and stakeholders in Mindanao
08-September-2014 Filipino farmers and other stakeholders push for commercialization of Bt eggplant
15-August-2014 Biotech 101 training enlightens officials on modern biotechnology
15-August-2014 Environmental lawyer outlines key points in development of biotech crops
30-May-2014 Policy roundtable discussion and media workshop tackle biotechnology in Southeast Asia
15-April-2014 PGC accelerates genomics research thru new bioinformatics facility
02-April-2014 Philippine DA Regulators and Crop Researchers train Biotech Communication
24-March-2014 SEARCA BIC participates in annual biotech information network meeting
24-March-2014 2013 global status of biotech crops presented in ISAAA-SEARCA-BMARC media conference
12-March-2014 Philippines increases biotech adoption in 2013
07-February-2014 New publications on social and economic aspects of biotech crop adoption launched by SEARCA and ISAAA
20-December-2013 Biotech corn contributes to national corn industry
20-December-2013 Filipino farmers uphold biotech products for agriculture
04-December-2013 Workshop for SEA media practitioners on biotech reporting
27-November-2013 Philippine Department of Education recognizes key role of biotech in national development
06-November-2013 Regulators and experts from 8 asian countries train on communicating biotech and biosafety
25-October-2013 Thirty-six regulators and experts from 10 Asian countries to brush up on communicating biotech and biosafety
02-September-2013 Renowned author and environmental campaigner talks about biotech and food security in SEARCA seminar
02-September-2013 Former anti-GMO activist pushes for biotech crops; highlights scientific credibility on GMOs
13-August-2013 Science communication workshop held for Philippine regulators
13-August-2013 Asian Food and Agribusiness Conference focuses on biotechnology and global competitiveness
09-July-2013 UP League of Agri-Biotech students supports the Bt talong field trials
11-June-2013 UPLB maintains stand for Bt eggplant, to file motion for reconsideration
20-May-2013 PHILARM enlightened on biotech and social and economic responsibility
15-April-2013 SEARCA BIC hosts ISAAA Annual Information Network Meetings
15-April-2013 Agriculture stakeholders participate in International Conference on the Adoption of Biotech Crops in the Developing World
12-March-2013 Philippine stakeholders and biotech community gather in special seminar on 2012 global status of biotech crops
06-March-2013 Clive James’ seminar on 2012 global status of biotech crops gathered Philippine stakeholders
08-February-2013 SEARCA and partners conduct biotech outreach in Philippine House of Representatives
07-February-2013 Ten Southeast Asians to train on rapid identification of food-borne pathogens using biotech tools
06-February-2013 Iloilo Agri Extension officers get updates on Crop Biotech
06-February-2013 Philippine policy makers recognize local biotech researches and products
18-January-2013 Lawmakers and scientists bring in local biotech researches and products in Congress
04-December-2012 Biotech Campus Journalism Contest names winning Filipino student writers
28-November-2012 Filipino student writers awarded in biotech campus journalism contest
19-October-2012 Filipino farmers revitalize their commitment towards food security and agri-productivity
05-October-2012 SEARCA BIC and partners launch Biotech Campus Journalism Contest
03-October-2012 Filipino farmers revitalize its commitment towards agri-productivity
28-September-2012 Student writers called to feature crop biotech in campus journalism contest
26-September-2012 Filipino student writers to feature crop biotech in campus journalism contest
15-August-2012 Filipino farmers briefed on Bt Eggplant and advantage of biotech crops
13-July-2012 S&T and environment advocate-policymaker pushes for Bt eggplant research
06-July-2012 Philippine S&T and environment advocate-policymaker asserts safety of Bt eggplant research
05-July-2012 Stakeholders in Mindanao, Philippines educated on local biotechnology
23-May-2012 University of Southern Mindanao affirms Bt eggplant field trials as a scientific research
11-May-2012 UPLB Chancellor upholds research and development of Bt eggplant
11-May-2012 Experts underscore compelling need for alternative Bt eggplant technology; Academicians and government continue to support biotech researches
10-May-2012 SEARCA-ISAAA-UPLBCDC publish study on adoption and uptake pathways of biotech crops in the Philippines
29-April-2012 Scientific community confident Supreme Court will side on science; farmers push for continuation of Bt eggplant trials
18-April-2012 University of Southern Mindanao welcomes development in Bt Eggplant field trial
13-April-2012 Commercialization of biotech crops to discuss in a regional workshop
11-April-2012 Bt eggplant collaborators reaffirm commitments; field trial in USM, Cotabato initiated
11-April-2012 Philippines celebrates 10 yrs. of successful biotech regulatory policy implementation
30-March-2012 Biotechnology plays key role in Virus Disease Management, says Philippine professor
27-March-2012 Philippine study: Corn borer populations remain susceptible to Bt corn
21-March-2012 SEARCA BIC participates in Annual ISAAA Information Network Meeting
29-February-2012 Local government officials in the Philippines participate in biotech seminar-workshop
21-February-2012 Philippine national biotech institute celebrates 32nd anniversary; S&T and agriculture departments, government agencies reaffirm support
20-February-2012 BIOTECH Philippines Celebrates 32th Anniversary
10-February-2012 ISAAA launches 2011 global data on biotech crops in the Philippines
30-January-2012 Asian biosafety experts exchange knowledge in preparation for the international meetings Rio+20, MOP6, COP 11, and CSD20
09-January-2012 Asian regional workshop to tackle sustainable agriculture, biotechnology, and biosafety
14-December-2011 Philippines steps up to development challenges through genomics
28-November-2011 Philippines Celebrates 7th National Biotechnology Week
28-October-2011 Philippine Genome Center Agriculture Program pre-launched
28-October-2011 Agri-biotech training course enhanced capacities of regulators in the Philippines
14-October-2011 Filipino cartoonists encouraged to join BiotechToons contest
14-October-2011 Asian regional workshop to tackle sustainable food production, biotechnology, and biosafety
06-October-2011 Scientists share facts on delayed ripening virus resistant papaya, Bt eggplant, and Golden Rice
29-September-2011 Indonesian farmers learn biotech crop adoption in the Philippines
07-September-2011 SEARCA, NAST, and ISAAA to conduct seminar on biotechnology and climate change
02-September-2011 Scientists share facts on Philippine biotech crops
01-September-2011 New molecular biology and biotechnology studies, biotech communication efforts shared in symposium
23-August-2011 Experts: Biotech crops are compatible with other resistance management strategies
08-August-2011 National Scientists named during Philippine Science and Technology Week
08-August-2011 Philippine S&T academy confers pioneering Filipino chemist and biotechnologist
02-August-2011 Media practitioners enlightened about biotechnology's role in changing climate
26-July-2011 S&T, key to food security and sustainable agriculture, says Philippine senator
19-July-2011 SEARCA and partners to conduct regional media workshop on biotechnology and climate change
27-June-2011 Science experts welcome favorable decisions on Bt eggplant
03-June-2011 Greenpeace violators of Bt eggplant trial to be prosecuted for malicious mischief
02-June-2011 Provincial government in the Philippines approves Bt eggplant field trial
02-June-2011 Filipino farmers from Isabela grateful for understanding the science of Bt eggplant
02-June-2011 Kenyan national biosafety authority CEO shares status of the country's regulatory system
23-May-2011 SEARCA supports training on management of agriculturally important microbial resources
20-May-2011 Biotech forum updates key stakeholders on concepts, new technologies, and initiatives
20-May-2011 Philippine lawmakers urge students to take up agricultural sciences
12-May-2011 Filipino farmers and key stakeholders participate in biotech communication workshop
12-May-2011 Filipino farmers ratify resolution supporting Bt eggplant trials
29-March-2011 Filipino farmers anticipate Bt eggplant
29-March-2011 Philippine fertilizer and pesticide regulators learn biotech communication
29-March-2011 Philippine stakeholders welcome new data on global biotech adoption
17-March-2011 SEARCA joins NAST and ISAAA in sharing the latest 2010 global adoption of biotech crops
18-February-2011 Several sectors denounce recent attack on UPLB Bt eggplant trial
18-February-2011 Philippine president open to array of safe agricultural technologies
18-February-2011 NAST president and university chancellor condemn attack on Bt eggplant field trial
18-February-2011 Farmers voice should be heard, Bt eggplant benefits at stake
18-February-2011 Professor warns health and environmental hazards of excessive insecticide use, Bt eggplant - a promising technological development
15-February-2011 Filipino experts clear safety aspects about Bt eggplant
08-February-2011 Philippines' state university to move ahead with Bt eggplant field trial
08-February-2011 Syngenta puts up $8M seed plant to boost Philippine's corn sufficiency
31-January-2011 North Cotabato holds public Bt crops seminar to exercise informed decision
31-January-2011 Philippine senator files bill urging biotech investments
31-January-2011 University students get updated on Bt 'Talong', learn its benefits and potentials
24-January-2011 Local government of Cotabato, Philippines to exercise informed decision on Bt eggplant
24-January-2011 University of Southern Mindanao conducts seminar on Bt eggplant
07-January-2011 Filipino scientists, government officials criticize Bt eggplant field trial pre-termination
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