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20-Dec-09 Virus-resistant papaya will boost industry
19-Dec-09 GM rice approval in China may lead to RP propagation
18-Dec-09 BPI opens P3.1-M facility to test GMOs, ensure safety
18-Dec-09 PRESS RELEASE: Philippines upgrades GMO and pathogen detection lab
09-Dec-09 Government OK's Syngenta's GA21 corn, opens way to cultivation of GM corn
08-Dec-09 DA pushes use of biofertilizers in Bicol
06-Dec-09 Biotech abaca
04-Dec-09 PRESS RELEASE: Philippines successfully celebrate National Biotech Week
21-Dec-09 Syngenta expands biotech R&D capability in China
19-Dec-09 Bt cotton varieties await approval
22-Dec-09 Syngenta receives approval for new corn technologies in Argentina
08-Dec-09 Brazilian farmers turn to GM soybeans, Bt corn
15-Dec-09 IRRI, Bayer partner to boost global rice productivity
11-Dec-09 Bayer Cropscience and the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) expand rice science collaboration
06-Dec-09 Key seed size gene identified
29-Nov-09 Coconut seed farms eyed for synthetic variety
25-Nov-09 DA urges closer ties with private sector
24-Nov-09 DA execs target cotton commercialization by 2012
23-Nov-09 Importation of genetically modified rice variety OK'd
19-Nov-09 International opinion supports GMOs, organic coexistence
18-Nov-09 Bishops back environmentally safe rice research
17-Nov-09 National Biotechnology Week 2009 to show life enhancing technologies, innovation
11-Nov-09 15 pilot areas in Eastern Visayas soon to harvest flood-resistant rice
09-Nov-09 UPLB chancellor bats for biotech crops in marginal lands
08-Nov-09 Biotech, non-GM crops' coexistence focus of meet
08-Nov-09 P3.5-million tissue-culture lab to revitalize abaca industry in ARMM
16-Nov-09 Palm oil board achieves another first in oil palm genomes development
09-Nov-09 MPOB and Orion complete sequencing of three oil palm genome
27-Nov-09 Top rice producer China approves GMO strain
12-Nov-09 Australia to help develop GM sugar cane
26-Nov-09 2 Bt cotton varieties to be avaiable for Kharif season
09-Nov-09 Uganda: U.S.$21 million sweet potato project ro aid food security, nutrition
25-Nov-09 Genetic research key to solving rice supply problems
20-Nov-09 Genetically modified (GM) rice at IRRI
17-Nov-09 Can GM rice fill the world's shortfall?
11-Nov-09 Technology holds answer for Asia's future challenge
10-Nov-09 Ground-breaking moments in global agriculture
30-Oct-09 PRESS RELEASE: Negrenses now open to both organic agriculture and biotechnology
27-Oct-09 How Philippines mountain slopes were converted into rich Bt corn fields
27-Oct-09 DA optimistic on GMO confab to impact on Negros ordinance
20-Oct-09 Rice science, a must to cope with climate change
14-Oct-09 More biotech crops needed to fight climate change
12-Oct-09 Avoiding a possible food shortage
11-Oct-09 DA eyes grant for climate program
10-Oct-09 'Snorkel' rice cultivation best response to flooding
04-Oct-09 OFW-turned-farmer now biotech hero
11-Oct-09 Australia's biotech revolution means improved crops, increased yields
21-Oct-09 India's biotechnology wizard
14-Oct-09 Uganda's GM cotton trials are promising
20-Oct-09 Chief scientist says it would be 'unwise' not to develop GM crops in Britain
27-Oct-09 UK researcher leading international tea, in beefing up plant production
22-Oct-09 Royal Society: World must use GM crops
15-Oct-09 Bill Gates says ideology threatens hunger fix
13-Oct-09 Unraveling of the sorghum genome will help improve dryland crops
29-Aug-09 PRESS RELEASE: Intl confab highlighting KM in agri-biotechnology, slated in October
24-Aug-09 PRESS RELEASE: Asian Farmers speak, back GMOs
20-Aug-09 Developing biotechnology-based industry pushed
20-Aug-09 10 state colleges, universities to offer biotechnology courses
16-Aug-09 RP goes biotech to boost coffee output
14-Aug-09 Negros Oriental agri office supports selective banning of GMOs
20-Aug-09 Corn, genetically modified crops better than traditional varieties, famr experts say
20-Aug-09 Int'l meet delegates say GMO must be considered
16-Aug-09 'Submarine' rice gets approved for planting
14-Aug-09 NegOr officials to study proposal to ban GMOs
01-Aug-09 Expert slams US lobby for entry of genetically modified organisms
14-Aug-09 Egypt denies report of banning GM imports: state agency
12-Aug-09 Government OKs genetically modified vines
11-Aug-09 Europe gets ready for GMO-produced drugs
11-Aug-09 Human genome sequenced for the price of a car
30-Jul-09 Biotechnology could hold the key to the country's food security
26-Jul-09 'Nanotech can help RP achieve MDGs'
25-Jul-09 Congress urged to require GMO food labeling
24-Jul-09 Expert agrees anti-GMO ordinance needs revision
24-Jul-09 PRESS RELEASE: ASFARNET Philippines upholds support to agri-biotechnology
23-Jul-09 GMO rice crucial in battle vs. drought
23-Jul-09 Groups want labeling of GMO food products
17-Jul-09 PRESS RELEASE: Philippine NAST awards premier biotech plant breeders
10-Jul-09 GMO ban hits hog, poultry sector expansion
09-Jul-09 Anti-GMO groups in Negros want implementation of ban
06-Jul-09 Livestock industry expansion 'on-hold' in Negros
04-Jul-09 Gov. seeks review of GMO ban
03-Jul-09 PRESS RELEASE: Filipino national scientist expresses support to biotechnology in transforming Filipino lives
05-Jul-09 Green revolution under way in rural China
31-Jul-09 Smartstax corn receives Japanese import approval
01-Jul-09 Japanese scientists design new transgenic rice to fight allergy
United States
05-Jul-09 Exxon Mobil invests in algae biofuel project
05-Jul-09 Farmers can feed the world
30-Jun-09 Brazil, RP ink biotech pacts
26-Jun-09 3 new rice varieties up for commercial cultivation
19-Jun-09 IRRI developing waterproof rice to ease climate-change effects
17-Jun-09 GMO ban to stay
15-Jun-09 Fingerprinting makes rice breeding easier
04-Jun-09 Filipino farmers welcome new rice varieties
03-Jun-09 Agri experts want anti-GMO ordinance
02-Jun-09 Bacolod diocese against entry of GMO products
01-Jun-09 This widow grew rich from growing corn
01-Jun-09 Church vs entry of GMO products into Negros
01-Jun-09 Filipino scientists developing virus-resistant 'kamote'
10-Jun-09 Monsanto, BASF announce first drought-tolerant biotech crop
01-June-09 Mexico OKs GM corn
12-Jun-09 Ethiopian scientist named 2009 laureate
12-Jun-09 Debate over GM wheat ignites once again
31-May-09 UP Mindanao gets biotech facility
29-May-09 PRESS RELEASE: Philippine agriculture undersecretary counts on biotech in mitigating water and energy crises
28-May-09 Organic agriculture goes beyond GMO ban
21-May-09 'Fingerprinting' marks essential breakthrough in rice research
21-May-09 Tissue culture seen to answer need for more forest plants
20-May-09 Amend GMO ordinance
18-May-09 Malunggay tissue-culture technology transferred to BPI
18-May-09 GMO safe for humans and environment
15-May-09 PRESS RELEASE: Filipino scientists hope to develop virus-resistant sweet potato
15-May-09 PRESS RELEASE: Visayan media enlighten on biotechnology
09-May-09 Bioprospecting
08-May-09 Cabinet hopes to develop sophisticated agriculture
26-May-09 Seoul urges Asean to go 'green'
09-May-09 Bt brinjal safe, profitable for farmers: Mahyco
18-May-09 Kari adopts genetically modified maize
12-May-09 The biotechnology industry holds huge potential for economy
21-May-09 Brazil regulator approves second Monsanto GMO cotton seed
18-May-09 Dupont receives Canadian regulatory approval for high oleic soybean trait
26-May-09 Vatican study endorses GMOs for food security
20-May-09 Biotech crops making important contributions to sustainable farming
14-May-09 Growers in U.S., Canada, Australia back GMO wheat
01-May-09 International team finds key gene that allows plants to survive drought
30-Apr-09 PRESS RELEASE: Problem formulation: A critical step in risk assessment of GM crops
30-Apr-09 Bearer of new technology
30-Apr-09 GMO ban seen to collapse animal industry
30-Apr-09 Growers in U.S., Canada, Australia back GMO wheat
26-Apr-09 Biotech abaca variety eyed to revive troubled industry
26-Apr-09 Cayetano supports genetic testing
24-Apr-09 Filipino scientist studies genes involved in banana ripening
20-Apr-09 6th National Corn Congress presents seven demands
20-Apr-09 DA unit backs development of biotech sector
19-Apr-09 BAR intensified support for agri biotechnology research
13-Apr-09 Irradiation makes food 'salmonella'-free
10-Apr-09 GM rice yields 50% more harvest even with less fertilizer and water use
06-Apr-09 Biotech crops' global value reaches $7.5 billion
06-Apr-09 PCC puts up P300-million biotech facility
02-Apr-09 A new look at biofuels
02-Apr-09 Solon files bill for biotechnology center
02-Apr-09 Membrane separation process: A sustainable technology for water purification, industrial
27-Apr-09 Virus-resistant GM potato, groundnut under trial stage
15-Apr-09 Bt brinjal may be released commercially by year-end
26-Apr-09 Biotechnology to increase farm productivity: Seminar
22-Apr-09 Uganda: Ministry clears GM cotton, planting to start in May
27-Apr-09 Germany to permit trails with GMO potato
29-Apr-09 'Farming revolution' on horizon as scientists sequence cow genome for first time
17-Apr-09 International team finds key gene that allows plants to survive droughty
27-Mar-09 'Super Carabaos': A whole lot more of beef, milk
24-Mar-09 The carabao gets an 'upgrade' thru crossbreeding
23-Mar-09 Antibacterial med from milkfish bile bags top prize in national science tilt
20-Mar-09 Philippine researchers develop food pathogen detection kit
19-Mar-09 Ifugao rice terraces declared GMO-free zone
16-Mar-09 Filipino expert in biotechnology slams negative campaign
16-Mar-09 Government urged to revolutionize biotech policies
13-Mar-09 Biotech abaca eyed to boost ailing industry
07-Mar-09 Dupont partners with IRRI to boost rice yield
04-Mar-09 More biotech knowledge sharing to boost food security
26-Mar-09 Government aims to make biotechnology a trillion-dollar industry
26-Mar-09 Malaysia to become biotechnology hub
23-Mar-09 Use of microorganisms to increase crop yield, reduce livestock odors encouraged
13-Mar-09 Critical gene for enhancing China's super rice yield identified
06-Mar-09 ASA welcomes South Korea approval
17-Mar-09 Employ biotechnology to fight poverty
19-Mar-09 Brazil approves another GMO cotton variety
03-Mar-09 Cuba plants first genetically modified corn crops
06-Mar-09 Mexico allows GM corn for experiments
27-Mar-09 Gates Foundation paying $24M to improve crop science for poor nations
26-Mar-09 Norman Borlaug, Happy 95th birthday!
25-Mar-09 Biotechnology crucial to solving the climate crisis
18-Mar-09 Plant will be a "green" source of plastics, predict scientists
12-Mar-09 50 years of rice research helps feed the world
26-Feb-09 Three more biotech crops to hit market in 2012-plant scientist
26-Feb-09 Editorial: Seeds of promise, change
16-Feb-09 Biotech rice may be in the market by 2010
16-Feb-09 Vitamin A-fortified rice may soon hit RP shelves
16-Feb-09 ‘Bt’ corn hectares increase by 4.8%
15-Feb-09 RP maintains standing in world biotech league
15-Feb-09 Fortified with Vitamin A: RP may be first to okay ‘Golden’ rice
15-Feb-09 RP expands Bt crop area by 100,000 hectares more
14-Feb-09 More farmers go for Bt corn
13-Feb-09 Photo Release: Agricultural Biotechnology
13-Feb-09 Area planted to biotech corn up
13-Feb-09 Biotechnology said key to raising farm yield
13-Feb-09 Golden rice pm target for release in 2011
12-Feb-09 Platform to translate biotech breakthroughs
01-Feb-09 Detection kit for food contaminants up
17-Feb-09 Vietnam to grow genetically modified crops by 2015: Conference
18-Feb-09 Kenya approves GM after years of delays
11-Feb-09 Increasing Africa's grain harvest
12-Feb-09 13 million farmers can't be wrong - It's time Europe allowed UK farmers access to GM technology
27-Feb-09 World lags in breeding climate-proof crops
20-Feb-09 USAID renews commitment for the program for biosafety systems
19-Feb-09 Genetically modified crops gain global foothold
11-Feb-09 Biotech crops poised for second wave of growth
02-Feb-09 Sequencing of sorghum genome significant for food, biofuels
26-Jan-09 IRRI gets $11M to develop new rice strain, improve yields by 50%
26-Jan-09 RP-India agriculture agreement pushed
24-Jan-09 Gov't to release nutrient-rich corn variety
24-Jan-09 Biodiversity loss: The forgotten crisis
23-Jan-09 Biotech crops to help reduce malnutrition pushed
19-Jan-09 UP dominates DOST-BPI science awards
19-Jan-09 Bioengineered goats churn out medicines
18-Jan-09 News from the biofuel front
18-Jan-09 Plant disease can wipe out local banana industry
09-Jan-09 The top 10 S&T newsmakers
05-Jan-09 Oustanding Filipino inventions in 2008
03-Jan-09 Original source of carbon in fossil fuel, algae eyed for development as biofuel feedstock
03-Jan-09 Nueva Ecija Press Club honors biotech journalists
01-Jan-09 An easy way to germinate sago palm seeds found
16-Jan-09 Hong Kong scientists produce chicken feed with bird flu vaccine
22-Jan-09 Japanese researchers envisage nicotine-free tobacco
31-Jan-09 GM crops may double agri growth rate
06-Jan-09 First desi Bt-cotton variety ready
20-Jan-09 Govt in talks to buy Bt cotton seed
06-Jan-09 Uganda: GM cassava ready for field trials
13-Jan-09 Agbiotech can help mitigate climate change, but will Europe benefit
United States
27-Jan-09 Economy playing a factor in genetically-modified wheat
21-Jan-09 Social and economic impacts of biotechnology
16-Jan-09 Consumers in Asia ready for benefits of biotechnology derived foods
08-Jan-09 World's first 'drought-tolerant' corn ready by 2010
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