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22-Dec-08 Mapping the future: The ten outstanding young men for 2008
21-Dec-08 There is gold in corn
21-Dec-08 Vegetable waste can control diseases
14-Dec-08 Bayer releases new variety of early-maturing hybrid rice
11-Dec-08 RP needs biotechnology roadmap
07-Dec-08 DNA profiling solves crimes: biotech's contribution to justice system
04-Dec-08 On livestock bio-energy, bio-power: DA eyes technology transfer from Brazil
03-Dec-08 The colors of biotechnology
03-Dec-08 Disease-resistant abaca propagated outside laboratory
01-Dec-08 Marriage of biotech and co-ops means commercial viability
01-Dec-08 $30-M 'malunggay' biodiesel plant pushedt
01-Dec-08 ISAAA Board Member receives 1st Umali Achievement Award
23-Dec-08 Developing bio-technology sector
11-Dec-08 Monsanto sees India adopting biotech corn in 5 yrs
24-Dec-08 Western Australia ahead with GM crop trial
United States
01-Dec-08 USDA paving way for GM corn
11-Dec-08 Italy approves GM field trials for some fruit and vegetables
24-Dec-08 GM crops hold key to greener biofuels
05-Dec-08 Waterproof rice passes international field tests
01-Dec-08 World food shortages may force us toward bioengineered crops
26-Nov-08 11 biotech products ready for industry use
25-Nov-08 Congress eyes creating biotech center to strengthen biotech industries
24-Nov-08 National Biotechnology Week: Making biotechnology work for you
24-Nov-08 DOST unveils advances in R&D in national biotechnology week
22-Nov-08 Biotechnology
12-Nov-08 P27-M biotech lab up in Mindanao: Aims to enhance region's human resource capacity
10-Nov-08 Biofetilizer From coconut coaxes crops to yield more
09-Nov-08 Biotech expert says GM crops reduce CO2 emission
05-Nov-08 Experts: Genetic engineering improves papaya and eggplant
05-Nov-08 Battle against hunger lies in a seed
05-Nov-08 RP leads in dev't of GM crops in Southeast Asia
05-Nov-08 Multinationals eye more potent Bt corn seed
05-Nov-08 Panlilio says biotech can reduce exodus of job seekers overseas
04-Nov-08 Development of crop varieties seen to enhance food security
04-Nov-08 RP tops in regulation of GM crops
11-Nov-08 Vietnam to test genetically-modified plants
24-Nov-08 Plant to restructure agro-biotechnology institute to commercialise R&D
26-Nov-08 National Commission on Biotechnology urged
18-Nov-08 Will Pak learn from India in cotton farming?
01-Nov-08 EU panel OKs genetically modified corn products
19-Nov-08 Global meeting of biosafety researchers
10-Nov-08 Innovation solving world's growing appetite
03-Nov-08 Surveys show continued strong support for agricultural biotechnology
29-Oct-08 Biotech experts develop virus-resistant abaca
26-Oct-08 Who will win in 4th Jose G. Burgos Biotech Journalism Awards
26-Oct-08 Fungus can control disease
20-Oct-08 Hongkong hosts scientists of the future
16-Oct-08 DA pushes Central Luzon as aggie biotech hub
16-Oct-08 UK experts urge RP consumers to push for GMO labeling
02-Oct-08 Crop wastes combat potato diseases in Bukidnon
01-Oct-08 Commercialization of 3-in-1 rice anticipated to yield lots of benefits
24-Oct-08 Vietnam to host international rice congress
29-Oct-08 Incorporate ICT, biotechnology in agriculture, says Abdullah
17-Oct-08 Chinese premier says he supports developing transgenic engineering
22-Oct-08 Mandatory testing of genetically modified packed food
16-Oct-08 Flowers' scents now enhanced
22-Oct-08 Scientists prepare to fight cotton disease and pests
15-Oct-08 Swaziland: National biosafety framework ready for party approval
27-Oct-08 Purple GM tomatoes may ward off cancer
31-Oct-08 World's first blue rose on display in Japan
24-Oct-08 Asian consumers are ready for food biotech benefits
14-Oct-08 International farmers to discuss strategy for increasing crop yields
02-Oct-08 Southeast Asian nations endorse rice action plan
30-Sep-08 BAR honors two R&D achievers
26-Sep-08 Annual aggie R&D tilt set
30-Sep-08 Vietnam to plant genetically modified corn next year: expert
28-Sep-08 Commercialise GM oilseed: experts
21-Aug-08 Reflections of a balik-scientist
17-Aug-08 Abaca research project on
14-Aug-08 Don't get caught in a bad (bacterial leaf) streak
11-Aug-08 Occidental Mindoro mayors back biotech, support creation of info centers
08-Aug-08 LBSCFI conducts closing ceremonies, R&D symposium
07-Aug-08 DA boost abaca industry
07-Aug-08 Biological structures: A course for all scientists and engineers - even philosophers
05-Aug-08 New uses for crop wastes being developed by DOST
05-Aug-08 Biosafety Clearing House Philippines (BCH Pilipinas) launching
01-Aug-08 Agri research breakthroughs need support
03-Aug-08 Vietnam to allow genetically modified crops to reduce imports
22-Aug-08 Monsanto, China seed expanding Chinese joint venture
15-Aug-08 President calls for ever-Green Revolution
07-Aug-08 Genetic modification changing face of cultivation
13-Aug-08 Namibia crafting regulations on GMOs
07-Aug-08 Sowing the seeds of change
21-Aug-08 Brazil approves use of Bayer's GMO cotton seed
07-Aug-08 Honduras embraces genetically modified crops
14-Aug-08 The world needs GM agriculture
12-Aug-08 Food security and biotechnology
28-Jul-08 ICRISAT earns second 'outstanding' rating
27-Jul-08 GM crops provide key to greening barren lands
21-Jul-08 NAST 'velero' road map to hike veggie production
18-Jul-08 DA rushes biotech programs to raise aggie output
17-Jul-08 Biofuels production won't raise food prices - think tank
15-Jul-08 Waterproof rice survives flooding
12-Jul-08 Research saves lives
09-Jul-08 NAST picks 2 PhilRice staffers as outstanding young scientists
09-Jul-08 PCARRD sustains support to plant conservation efforts
04-Jul-08 BAR supports basic research on traditional and modern biotech
04-Jul-08 Agriculture sets sights on bananas, US training
03-Jul-08 GMA is keynote speaker for NSTW
03-Jul-08 Filipino doctor commended for coconut research
02-Jul-08 A second Green Revolution
01-Jul-08 UPLB rushes work on breeding virus-resistant abaca
11-Jul-08 China to urgently boost GMO crop development
01-Jul-08 A green south park
31-Jul-08 Court throws out case against GMO papaya trial
01-Jul-08 South Korea steps up GMO corn imports for food
31-Jul-08 Monsanto to promote GM soybeans in Japan
24-Jul-08 Japan to boost rice production as alternative to corn, wheat
24-Jul-08 Indian Bt cotton to hit market soon
03-Jul-08 Biotech regulator needs engineering
19-Jul-08 Malawi now approves biotechnology policy
12-Jul-08 Burkina Faso joins countries growing Bt cotton
09-Jul-08 European research centre study shines new light on GM crops
18-Jul-08 Reinventing rice to feed the world
09-Jul-08 G8 leaders call for increased global access to agricultural biotechnology
03-Jul-08 USGC applauds Codex Alimentarius commission for adopting guidelines on tolerable allowance of low-level biotech grain
02-Jul-08 Capturing the global food market through S&T
26-Jun-08 RP, US sign $216-M food accord
24-Jun-08 Yap welcomes FAO support for RP biofuel proposal
16-Jun-08 $10-M grant to be provided for rice, wheat research
15-Jun-08 DA commits P1.16B for agri research
14-Jun-08 Biotechnology tapped to develop alternative fuels
13-Jun-08 Monsanto leads $47-M corn research
13-Jun-08 DOST to save native orchids from extinction
12-Jun-08 Experts cite need for more investments in S&T, Agriculture
12-Jun-08 Government grants for R&D activities continue to rise
11-Jun-08 RP seeks more research funding for agriculture
10-Jun-08 Biotechnology pushed to ease food shortage
08-Jun-08 The Filipino champion: top-notch scientists, proud to be pinoy
02-Jun-08 CBCP open to a dialogue on biotech use
02-Jun-08 All set for the 8th ASEAN Science and Technology Week in Manila in July 02
01-Jun-08 Researchers developing disease-resistant abaca
18-Jun-08 Vietnam to discuss safety in biotechnology at Asean workshop
11-Jun-08 India under fire for 'misleading' biosafety statements
01-Jun-08 Govt planning autonomous body to regulate GM crop development
27-Jun-08 Uganda: Local genetically modified cotton to start
23-Jun-08 African agritech agency to develop drought-tolerant maize varieties
06-Jun-08 Scientists advocate GM food
20-Jun-08 Brazil approves Syngenta's insect-resistant Bt11
11-Jun-08 EU to propose more flexible GMO food imports
23-June-08 Biodiversity key to food crisis - UN
19-June-08 Biotech crops seen helping to feed hungry world
12-June-08 Top british scientist calls for new 'Green Revolution'
22-May-08 Biofuels won't cause food crisis, says expert
21-May-08 Ateneo studes come up with bioethanol from rice straws
20-May-08 Golden rice: First field tests in the Philippines
19-May-08 More rice with less water
17-May-08 PCARRD-DOST urges adoption of makapuno embryo culture tech
15-May-08 The 'monster' unmasked
10-May-08 'Lumot' seen as source of biodiesel
08-May-08 Philippine gov't denies Greenpeace claim of GMO contamination in US rice
08-May-08 9 scientists, NGO get biotech awards
05-May-08 Ecology group sounds alarm over GMO rice
04-May-08 Greenpeace questions GMO policy
04-May-08 Asean looks at RP as 'test case' in implementing biofuels policy
03-May-08 Philippine biofuels law a model for other countries
03-May-08 RP, IRRI join forces to attain rice self-sufficiency by 2010
22-May-08 Biofortification for China: Political responses to food fortification and GM technology, interest groups, and possible strategies
04-May-08 China experts identify gene for yield, height in rice
07-May-08 Mandatory GMO labeling is the best solution - Korea
02-May-08 South Korea begins imports of biotech corn
14-May-08 Scientists urged to safeguard agri resources
13-May-08 Egypt approves commercialization of first GM crop
30-May-08 Could GM crops help feed Africa?
22-May-08 French lawmakers pass bill on GM crops
30-May-08 Biotechnology could help solve food crisis, Monsanto asserts
28-May-08 Cutting edge science helps the poor overcome soaring food prices
22-May-08 International day of biological diversity
13-May-08 Thousand gather for meeting on UN-backed treaty biosafety
08-May-08 Agriculture in the 21st century
02-May-08 Biotech solutions for food and fuel highlighted at world congress on industrial biotechnology
30-Apr-08 Public warned against entry of genetically modified rice
27-Apr-08 IRRI's new miracles: Aerobic, submarine rice
26-Apr-08 RP biotech herbal cure enters export market
25-Apr-08 Greenpeace urges govt to quarantine US rice on suspicion of GMO contamination
24-Apr-08 Unilab open to using 'biologicals'
21-Apr-08 Biotech seen to help ease decline in food yield
21-Apr-08 Food-price hike may heighter biotech debate
18-Apr-08 RP pioneers in malunggay oil export as biodiesel feedstock
18-Apr-08 IRRI chief upbeat RP can overcome crisis
17-Apr-08 Community engages in biotech enterprise
16-Apr-08 Biotech for the environment
15-Apr-08 Tapping biotechnology vs cancer
14-Apr-08 Local biotech to sell moringa oil to US
14-Apr-08 Green opportunities in health and wellness
13-Apr-08 Pinoy entrepreneurs lead biotech in agri
08-Apr-08 RP urged to expand rice hectarage, use biotech rice
08-Apr-08 Biotechnology offers hope for adequate rice supply
07-Apr-08 Iloilo corn farmers' group wins international award
06-Apr-08 High-yielding rice varieties pushed to raise production
01-Apr-08 Sweet, aromatic and so Pinoy!
02-Apr-08 New maize and new friendships to beat Thai drought
23-Apr-08 Japan too should be part of agricultural biotechnology
03-Apr-08 USGC: Major Japanese wet miller to buy biotech corn for food production
28-Apr-08 Bt cotton need of the hour
03-Apr-08 USGC: Major Japanese wet miller to buy biotech corn for food production
16-Apr-08 Uganda gives go-ahead to biotechology policy
01-Apr-08 Uganda: Country looks to earn from biotech
24-Apr-08 BASF presses EU officials to approve its GM potato
02-Apr-08 Germany approves GMO sugar and potato field trials
22-Apr-08 GM crops the only way to feed the world
11-Apr-08 Major partnership in rice research launched
10-Apr-08 Researchers discover novel 'gene toggles' in world's top food crop
02-Apr-08 FAO expects rice production to rise by 1.8 percent in 2008
31-Mar-08 Iloilo farmers turn to Bt corn
31-Mar-08 PCA develops high-yield coconut from hybrids of hybrids
29-Mar-08 Coconut sap may find global niche market in cancer medicine
29-Mar-08 Laguna HS students top first biotech quiz
25-Mar-08 LBSCFI to recognize community's R&D endeavors
24-Mar-08 Philippine biotechnology on the move with field release of GM papaya
24-Mar-08 Palace issues EO 719 to adopt FSTP as a national program
17-Mar-08 Government told: give incentives to R&D for science innovation
16-Mar-08 Breeders developing heat-resistant rice
16-Mar-08 PhilRice develops flood-tolerant variety
14-Mar-08 Biotech eggplants harvested from experimental plot
13-Mar-08 Rice scientists converge at PhilRice to address poverty and malnutrition
10-Mar-08 Food versus fuel in the Philippines
07-Mar-08 FilAm scientist says carabao fluid greatly aids bioethanol production
06-Mar-08 GMO papaya, eggplant up for commercial production
06-Mar-08 Coconut, ‘malunggay’ present golden opportunity to farmers
05-Mar-08 Rice R&D confab to highlight poverty and malnutrition
19-Mar-08 Genetic engineering necessary for Vietnam’s socioeconomic progress
24-Mar-08 Origin Agritech updates genetically modified pipeline
18-Mar-08 Biotechnology may get separate ministry in India
01-Mar-08 Farms set for genetically modified canola crops
19-Mar-08 African Agricultural Technology Foundation to develop drought-tolerant maize varieties for small-scale farmers in Africa
04-Mar-08 Availability of technology, perceptions key to Africa's acceptance of biotechnology
14-Mar-08 EU seen authorizing GMO animal feed maize
04-Mar-08 New GM potatoes to be planted by Czech farmers soon
03-Mar-08 Commercial GM crops in EU on the rise
24-Mar-08 Genetically modified crops best answer to food-price inflation
17-Mar-08 Corn plant genome mapped: “holy grail” of crop traded globally for many purposes
07-Mar-08 New report indicates large GM potential for South Asia
07-Mar-08 Biotech crops’ global value hits $6.9B
28-Feb-08 Gov’t tests Vitamin A-fortified rice
22-Feb-08 Government propagates flood-tolerant rice to prepare for climate change
20-Feb-08 Monsanto introduces contour farming in gov’t corn program
18-Feb-08 Local company to produce rabies vaccine in Laguna
18-Feb-08 RP cited as top GM corn producer
15-Feb-08 RP urged to take lead in GM crop growing
15-Feb-08 Agriculture chief eyes DOST funds for research
15-Feb-08 Biotech and GMO use on the rise in RP
14-Feb-08 RP a major recipient of biotech funds from USAID
13-Feb-08 RP approves Monsanto’s new soybean technology
11-Feb-08 Science agency cites need for program on nanotechnology
11-Feb-08 More funds for agri biotech promised
09-Feb-08 DOST eyes production of various vaccines
26-Feb-08 Agriculture ministry growing five food crops through genetic engineering
28-Feb-08 High food prices push China towards GMO - scientist
07-Feb-08 Roses in Japan soon in blue
19-Feb-08 India become world's second largest cotton producer
26-Feb-08 South Korea import of GMO corn first for food use
05-Feb-08 GM bananas in field trials
12-Feb-08 Brazil gives final permit for GMO corn varieties
15-Feb-08 Germany gives green light to label designating 'GM free' foods
28-Feb-08 US scientists to unveil corn genome today
25-Feb-08 Biotech can help countries attain development goals – ISAAA
20-Feb-08 Farmers in developing world looking to biotech technology
15-Feb-08 Smart biofuel crops ensure food, energy, and environmental security
13-Feb-08 Biotech crops experience remarkable dozen years of double-digit growth
04-Feb-08 International effort takes critical steps to accelerate growth of global biofuels market
29-Jan-08 Bacteria in water buffalo's rumen may help produce cellulosic biofuels
28-Jan-08 Bayer’s GMO rice variety passes EU test
28-Jan-08 RP losing billions due to bio-piracy
28-Jan-08 Agri chief expects corn output to grow by more than 10% in ‘08
27-Jan-08 DA pushes development plan for fibers to boost rural growth
27-Jan-08 Carabao may be key to biofuel, says scientist
25-Jan-08 Submergence-tolerant rice line now in the pipeline
22-Jan-08 Malunggay being considered potential source of biofuel
21-Jan-08 Congress urged: Hasten passage of tech-transfer bill
18-Jan-08 Nueva Ecija vies for hybrid rice capital title
18-Jan-08 ‘Pinoy Biotek’ products ripe for commercialization
17-Jan-08 Western Visayas joins top eggplant- producing regions
15-Jan-08 Corn farmers in Iloilo town expand to upland areas, thanks to new technology
15-Jan-08 Biotech crops help mitigate global warming, climate change
14-Jan-08 Corn farmers call for government support to boost production
10-Jan-08 DA’s support to farmers lauded at corn congress
08-Jan-08 Philippines extends commercial use of Monsanto's transgenic corn
07-Jan-08 No big problem in marketing biotech in the Philippines
07-Jan-08 Pasture development eyed as major factor for cost-effective cattle raising
03-Jan-08 Bicol technology venture firm plans sorghum bio-ethanol project
26-Jan-08 Transgenic rice seeds still await go-ahead
04-Jan-08 China vows help for biofuels from non-food crops
30-Jan-08 Agri-biotech sector grows at 30% in India
24-Jan-08 India may turn big producer of GM rice, vegetables by 2010
14-Jan-08 'Green Revolution' pioneer sees crisis in India's agriculture
08-Jan-08 Biotech applications need to be amply regulated
09-Jan-08 Pakistan govt to introduce genetically modified cottonseed in 2009
11-Jan-08 GM Canola - Farmers looking forward to a golden revolution
22-Jan-08 Uganda: GMO cotton trials approved
United States
02-Jan-08 Biotechnology driving U.S. farm growth
31-Jan-08 Farmers to have GMO rice by 2011 - IRRI
18-Jan-08 Scientists find way to increase corn's vitamin A
17-Jan-08 Biotech companies in race for hardy, drought-tolerant crops
09-Jan-08 Biotechnology for raising farm yield
02-Jan-08 Waterless Rice
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