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08-Dec-03 IRRI: Biotech companies muscle in on rice research
08-Dec-03 Monsanto tests herbicide tolerant corn in sites
02-Dec-03 RP better off importing rice, says IRRI economist
01-Dec-03 Scientist harness rice genes in global battle vs poverty
01-Dec-03 Benefit of rice importation to farmers needs review
01-Dec-03 Kalinga farmers accepting hybrid rice, says PhilRice
06-Dec-03 Greenpeace protests against GM food
United States
09-Dec-03 US revives bid for UN cloning ban treaty
11-Dec-03 Study eases GMO fears
03-Dec-03 Consumers choose genetically engineered sweet corn over conventional varieties
04-Dec-03 EU food agency says Monsanto GM maize safe
02-Dec-03 GM foods: Give it time (Commentary)
01-Dec-03 Biotechnology shows promise for Europe
02-Dec-03 Biotech debate gets Vatican attention
28-Nov-03 Thailand spurs biotech agriculture
26-Nov-03 Farmer expect bigger yield from new hybrid rice
26-Nov-03 GenSan farmers shift to Bt corn says biotech firm
24-Nov-03 Corn farmer finds rewarding life in remote farm
18-Nov-03 RP signs $200-million hybrid rice seed supply with China
13-Nov-03 Science-based group optimistic of Bt corn acceptance
12-Nov-03 Hectarage of Bt corn variety seen to expand
07-Nov-03 Gov't targets rice production in 2004 to meet 97% sufficiency
07-Nov-03 New biotech corn variety approved for planting in RP
07-Nov-03 Bt corn commercialization pick-up slow
06-Nov-03 Iloilo farmer reaps 10.5 tons of hybrid rice
04-Nov-03 Gov't plans to double hybrid rice planting area to 600,000 ha
03-Nov-03 Bigger rice, corn harvests make up for earlier deficits
27-Nov-03 Somsak to push for field trials
21-Nov-03 Experts urge African leaders to invest in biotechnology
06-Nov-03 Genetic-based diet plans may be risky
United States
07-Nov-03 US FDA to review safety of cloned food
03-Nov-03 Monsanto gets EPA thumbs up for biotech corn variety
02-Nov-03 Milk, meat from cloned animals likely
27-Nov-03 Open source genetics needed to feed the world
25-Nov-03 22 food and agriculture groups urge US government to take action on EU biotech labeling and traceability requirement
13-Nov-03 Farmers genetically modified corn 4,000 years ago
12-Nov-03 Discuss biotech foods as threat or hope vs hunger
11-Nov-03 Vatican winds up biotech foods meeting
11-Nov-03 Vatican report condemns biotech crop (But powerful Cardinal supportive of genetic modification)
30-Oct-03 Corn output may exceed forecast
29-Oct-03 China offers $100-M loan for hybrid seeds
27-Oct-03 Corn farmers back Lorenzo
25-Oct-03 Vegetable farmers watching out for Lorenzo in extortion case
20-Oct-03 CL gov'ts sign agreement on hybrid rice
18-Oct-03 Letter to Editor: GMOs anti poor
16-Oct-03 Lorenzo, other leaders open Agrilink/Foodlink 2003 today
15-Oct-03 Aggie dep't urges farmers to plant high-yielding varieties to achieve rice self-sufficiency
12-Oct-03 Five RP crops join biotech bandwagon
12-Oct-03 Lorenzo seeks more gov't support for farmers
07-Oct-03 Groups lukewarm to new rice breed
05-Oct-03 Ilocos farmers set to expand Bt cornfields
03-Oct-03 CBCP refutes GMA on GMOs
25-Oct-03 GM: Food for thought
New Zealand
30-Oct-03 'Non-GM' sausages fail to food test
28-Oct-03 NZ split as GM freeze expires
07-Oct-03 Campaign vs genetic engineering in food
14-Oct-03 Farmers help deliver modified crops to Brazil
14-Oct-03 Genetically modified food
04-Oct-03 Brazil GM crop challenged
United States
27-Oct-03 Biotech targets 'deadly' trans fat in foods
21-Oct-03 Experts say new biotech loom
18-Oct-03 Pioneer won't face fines for biotech mixup
16-Oct-03 Protests against biotech turning violent
14-Oct-03 Violent protests erupting over biotechnology
05-Oct-03 Genetically engineered animals slow to market
29-Oct-03 Local biotech firm finds European distributor
20-Oct-03 Genetically modified trees planted in Quebec
05-Oct-03 Growing concern over GM products (Opinion)
03-Oct-03 GMOs under attack at Aberdeen meeting
27-Oct-03 EU supermarkets still wary on GM foods
26-Oct-03 Blair will ignore public opposition to GM technology
21-Oct-03 Where supermarkets stand on GM food
21-Oct-03 Co-op bans GM products from its foods
16-Oct-03 GM test results already in doubt
16-Oct-03 Major British studies find some GM crops harm wildlife
13-Oct-03 GM activists parade in London
13-Oct-03 No prosecution for GM test breach
13-Oct-03 GM protesters march over GM crops
13-Oct-03 Action possible over GM errors
10-Oct-03 GM hybrid seen as 'inevitable'
30-Sep-03 Kalinga farmers prepare for big shift from inbred to hybrid rice technology
30-Sep-03 Church nod good for GMOs in RP
29-Sep-03 Gov't asked to show policitcal will to directly produce certified pure hybrid rice seeds
26-Sep-03 GM rice: A growing Philippines debate
26-Sep-03 Execs to probe Bt corn planting
25-Sep-03 Eggnog, Lucky Me Noodles now free of GMOs says Greenpeace
23-Sep-03 Agricultural safety nets now in place, says DA
22-Sep-03 US firm to test questioned Bt corn in Isabela
20-Sep-03 Agri chief seeks more funds for food production
19-Sep-03 Another multinational firm plans to plant Bt-corn
16-Sep-03 Hybrid rice seeds fail to attract farmers, say agriculturists
15-Sep-03 WTO talks still deadlocked on issue over agriculture
14-Sep-03 Protests against GMOs continue as Bt corn foes stopped by police
14-Sep-03 Region 2 now more aware of GMO issues
13-Sep-03 Greenpeace lays siege to GMO firm in Alabang
09-Sep-03 GMO at WTO (Editorial)
07-Sep-03 Vatican okay of GM food
04-Sep-03 Stop corporate takeover of food supply, Greenpeace asks gov't
02-Sep-03 Malaysia needs biotech links
05-Sep-03 India can be biotech powerhouse
08-Sep-03 Govt unlikely to ok allergenic GM rice
New Zealand
22-Sep-03 Biotech venture at risk
04-Sep-03 Greens say govt backing off GM food release
United States
17-Sep-03 Americans are iffy on genetically modified foods
30-Sep-03 Anti-GM lobby gains ground in Europe
29-Sep-03 EU split over rules for planting GMO crops
29-Sep-03 Genetically modified fudge
29-Sep-03 EU body starts assessing GM food's safety
09-Sep-03 Public panels concerned by GM
08-Sep-03 Monsanto biotech corn crop destroyed in France
05-Sep-03 Sainsbury pulls out of gm food launch
04-Sep-03 EU snubs Austrian bid for GMO-free zone
03-Sep-03 EU rules against attempt to ban biotech crops
16-Sep-03 Genetically modified cotton use on the rise
15-Sep-03 Progress made in agriculture trade negotiations in Cancun
15-Sep-03 Biotech, GM foods - Boon says Vatican
04-Sep-03 First soybeans grown in space
31-Aug-03 RP takes agri-biotech lead in Asia
31-Aug-03 Greenpeace hits Philippines for failing to isolate 'Bt' corn
24-Aug-03 Field trials mulled for super-hybrid corn from China
19-Aug-03 DA seeks to extend agri modernization
19-Aug-03 Ilocos Norte farmers impressed with 'Bt' corn
19-Aug-03 Farmers cited for increased yields
18-Aug-03 Monsanto unveils key to food security at Agrilink 2003
15-Aug-03 Mindoro Occ. farmer is tops in hybrid rice
13-Aug-03 Rice production falls short of target
13-Aug-03 Bunchy-top disease threatens RP's abaca, banana
12-Aug-03 FPA urged to clarify pesticide registration for Bt corn
12-Aug-03 Ex-bishop urges caution on GMOs
12-Aug-03 'Bt' corn gains acceptance among Ilocano farmers
11-Aug-03 B'laans downed by 'Bt' corn?
11-Aug-03 Dear Editor: Go biotechnology
08-Aug-03 Wyeth products now free of GMO, says Greenpeace
07-Aug-03 GM soybean gets green light
05-Aug-03 DA to establish more coconut co-ops to improve production
04-Aug-03 WHO airs views on GM foods (Opinion)
01-Aug-03 Monsanto joins Agrilink 2003
01-Aug-03 Bt corn ok in Batangas
12-Aug-03 Sales of Monsanto cotton seeds rise in India, but misses target
12-Aug-03 Chinese inspectors check GM foods
18-Aug-03 Farmers 'back' GM crops: Survey
18-Aug-03 Blocking free trade - Ausbiotech 2003 unearths non-compliance in GMO
04-Aug-03 Second generation GM cotton ready for market
01-Aug-03 Greater power granted in GM crops issue
New Zealand
20-Aug-03 All for ban on genetically engineered humans
11-Aug-03 Lifting moratorium keeps options open, farmers say
08-Aug-03 NZ backs us biofoods challenge
06-Aug-03 Greens fail in confidence vote
01-Aug-03 GM food passes labelling tests
01-Aug-03 Wake up greens - the world is moving on, act says
United States
21-Aug-03 Warning: Lack of common sense could kill you
19-Aug-03 Genetic study shows plankton's efficiency
19-Aug-03 US fires first shot at EU biotech policy
19-Aug-03 U.S. lodges WTO complaint against Europe over GM food
18-Aug-03 US companies accuse Australian authorities of violating trade deals
17-Aug-03 Guest Opinion: GM foods can help feed world
14-Aug-03 Biotech issue to be elevated to WTO
12-Aug-03 Genetically engineered trees quietly sprouting
09-Aug-03 US goes ahead with biotech case
08-Aug-03 UCSD biologists discover key step for 'designer plants' that could clean up heavy metals at hazardous waste sites
08-Aug-03 Monsanto seed price hikes spark anger
07-Aug-03 U.S. asks WTO to investigate EU biotech policy
06-Aug-03 Breakthrough by biotech research division
05-Aug-03 USDA requires permits for industrial biotech crops
04-Aug-03 Biotech suit against EU won't be dropped, US says
28-Aug-03 Genetically modified food fears seen hurting Canada
14-Aug-03 Misleading view
11-Aug-03 Food labeling is crucial if GM food is to be our savior
11-Aug-03 GM crops safe
06-Aug-03 Some food for the soul: the Catholic Church is right to support genetically modified crops
29-Aug-03 The GM food controversy
29-Aug-03 WTO to probe Europe on GMO policy
26-Aug-03 Environment minister supports choice for GM food
22-Aug-03 'Genetically modified food not harmful'
17-Aug-03 EU aide slams Italy's zero tolerance for GMO seeds
15-Aug-03 Top TV scientist backs GM crops, but fears cloning
14-Aug-03 Brussel's bad science will cost the world dear
08-Aug-03 EU 'regrets' US action on GMO crops
08-Aug-03 EU rejects US-led trade challenge on GMOs
07-Aug-03 GM turn-off for shoppers
01-Aug-03 Improved method of tracing GMO content discovered
11-Aug-03 Spokesperson denies Vatican endorsement of GE c
04-Aug-03 Vatican to consult experts on GM foods
27-Jul-03 Boycott GMOs, church urges
27-Jul-03 Bt corn won't harm insects, scientist tells senate hearing
24-Jul-03 Gov't plans expanded area, more funds for hybrid rice
23-Jul-03 Hybrid seed technology seen key to attaining self-sufficiency in rice
22-Jul-03 Hybrid rice farmers gain share in local market
18-Jul-03 RP, US research teams tie up in local agriculture projects
18-Jul-03 Use of Marcos money for agriculture pushed
17-Jul-03 The Bt-corn controversy (Commentary)
16-Jul-03 Biotech regulation implementation pushed
15-Jul-03 DA calls for higher govt spending for agricultural research, devt
14-Jul-03 ACPC eyed as agri capital-raising agency
14-Jul-03 Hybrid seed producer achieves high 10.6 mt rice yield per hectare
11-Jul-03 Hybrid rice planting covers 200,000 ha
10-Jul-03 DA to certify organic farm products
09-Jul-03 Four big biotech firms seek license for agri products
08-Jul-03 GMA lauds Mindanao agricultural devt project
07-Jul-03 Gov't, private sector team up on biotech regulations implementation
04-Jul-03 Understanding Bt corn better
03-Jul-03 Biotechnology: Solution to world food dilemma
02-Jul-03 Hybrid rice seed producer uses effective weed control
23-Jul-03 Gujarat to focus on biotech to woo investment
26-Jul-03 Australia approves GMO crop
26-Jul-03 First genetically modified crops to hit shops soon
New Zealand
14-Jul-03 Genetically modified organisms who's liable?
United States
14-Jul-03 USDA asks Monsanto for more data on biotech wheat
13-Jul-03 Genetically modified seeds held by a few
08-Jul-03 Bush: Biotech key to fighting global hunger, terrorism
08-Jul-03 GM food fight centers on Africa
08-Jul-03 Developing countries urged to focus on biotech science
06-Jul-03 Biotech crops becoming more common
05-Jul-03 Labels for genetically modified food are a political hot potato in the US
16-Jul-03 GM food labelling is an insane demand
26-Jul-03 Alert on spread of GM seeds
23-Jul-03 EU unrepentant on GM food rules
21-Jul-03 GM crops 'low risk' for humans
19-Jul-03 EU backs farmers' choice on GM crops
19-Jul-03 Public wary of biotechnology -UK watchdog
19-Jul-03 Blueprint for GMO food
11-Jul-03 'Little economic benefit' from GM
11-Jul-03 Plea for a 'GM free' Scotland
04-Jul-03 EU passed GMO labelling laws, US sees confusion
02-Jul-03 EU votes on GM legislation
01-Jul-03 Protestors target GM farm
15-Jul-03 A fresh look at genetically modified foods
24-Jun-03 Bt corn seen to reduce need for insecticide
23-Jun-03 Clarification sought on DA's GMO shipment disclosure
21-Jun-03 Open debate on GMOs
20-Jun-03 RP to hike biotech corn acreage
19-Jun-03 Bohol prov. declares self as GMO-free
19-Jun-03 Anti-Technology Rhetoric (Commentary)
17-Jun-03 Iloilo church leaders check entry of Bt corn
14-Jun-03 Bt corn debate highly emotional, says savants
14-Jun-03 Crop management prevent Bt corn pest resistance
12-Jun-03 DA asked to allot P1-B proceeds of PL 480 for corn industry dev't
12-Jun-03 Smoking gun on genetic engineering
11-Jun-03 Corn output seen to rise 6% to 2M tons
11-Jun-03 Questions on genetically modified foods (Last of 6 parts)
10-Jun-03 Questions on genetically modified foods (Part 5 of 6)
10-Jun-03 Gov't sees higher corn yield in H1
10-Jun-03 Corn output in first six months seen to rise 5.7 percent
10-Jun-03 Corn output seen growing 5.7% in H1
10-Jun-03 Bumper corn crop in first half
10-Jun-03 GMO food products are safe
09-Jun-03 Questions on genetically modified foods (Part 4 0f 6)
09-Jun-03 Gov't urged to resist anti-Bt corn pressure
08-Jun-03 Anti-GMO alliance calls for Monsanto boycott over Bt corn
08-Jun-03 Questions on genetically modified foods (Part 3 of 6)
07-Jun-03 System prevents gm plants from spreading genes
07-Jun-03 RP scientists allay fears on Bt corn
07-Jun-03 Questions on genetically modified foods (Part 2 of 6)
06-Jun-03 Antibiotech (Editorial)
06-Jun-03 Biazon wants senate inquiry on GMOs
05-Jun-03 Questions on genetically modified foods (Part 1 of 6)
04-Jun-03 US fuel law seen raising corn prices
04-Jun-03 White hybrid corn tops demo in Masbate
02-Jun-03 Bt corn, GMOs safe, Nobel laureates assure GMA
02-Jun-03 Monsanto taps for online purchases
01-Jun-03 UPLB BIOTECH develops 23 diagnostic kits
01-Jun-03 Swine raisers endorse Bt corn
01-Jun-03 It's Bt corn harvest time
28-May-03 The hoopla that is biotechnology (Commentary)
28-May-03 Bali and Bt corn (Commentary)
27-May-03 Oft-asked questions about GM foods
27-May-03 Monsanto assists farmers who failed in hybrid rice
27-May-03 Farmers group launches boycott drive vs Monsanto
27-May-03 Monsanto harvests 1st Bt corn crops sees ok of farmers
26-May-03 False issues on Bt corn
26-May-03 First Bt corn planting set for harvest
22-May-03 Corn soup meal ends 'Bt corn' hunger strike
12-May-03 Iwahig penal farm to produce hybrid rice seeds
12-May-03 Bt corn critics urged to use due process to air opposition
11-May-03 Hunger strike highlights issues surrounding GMOs
11-May-03 Agri sector braces for biotech debate
09-May-03 Angara backs Bt corn for agri sector
08-May-03 Bt corn a biological time bomb
07-May-03 Hunger strikers ask agri chief: Act now vs Bt corn
07-May-03 DA turns down Greenpeace bid to ban Bt corn
07-May-03 Local feed industry hails Bt corn ok
07-May-03 Blackmailing Cito
06-May-03 DA finds no scientific basis to halt Bt corn sale
06-May-03 ESP, scientists say no to Bt corn
06-May-03 Bt corn distribution opposed (Opinion)
06-May-03 Aggie won't bar Bt corn: 'Running priest' joins fast
05-May-03 Hunger strikers continue to press for moratorium on 'Bt corn'
04-May-03 Groups ask gov't to junk moratorium on Bt corn
04-May-03 A case vs GM crops (Opinion)
03-May-03 Anti-Bt corn hunger strikers get more support; wait for Lorenzo's reply
02-May-03 5 Anti-GMO strikers collapsed
01-May-03 Hunger strike; Bt corn facts; Strikers, supporters
08-May-03 GM food is safe to eat, says Royal Society
08-May-03 GM foods 'not harmful'
30-Apr-03 Hunger strikers vs GMO on the 9th day
29-Apr-03 Farmers back arroyo on biotech
27-Apr-03 Greenpeace: 'Modified' food threat to health, environment
26-Apr-03 Manila asked to review Bt corn commercialization
26-Apr-03 Government mulls giving Bt corn farmers credit assistance
25-Apr-03 Biotech lab rises in Iloilo for aquaculture research
25-Apr-03 Mindanao agri groups back Bt corn approval
15-Apr-03 Genetically modified crops designed to feed millions
07-Apr-03 People's congress urges land, food without poisons
07-Apr-03 Philippines says yes to Bt corn
03-Apr-03 Rice production may exceed forecast for first semester
01-Apr-03 Gov't levels playing field in corn sector
21-Apr-03 Biotech quest continues: Thai fund, Dupont study may change local textile industry
18-Apr-03 Indian scientist allay fears of genetically modified crops
05-Apr-03 Citizens' jury out in Britain on GM food
26-Apr-03 Look GM food gift horses in the mouth, green urge
United States
06-Apr-03 U.S. cities competing for a piece of the biotech pie
02-Apr-03 New research shows increasing farmer support for biotech crops
11-Apr-03 Biotech tycoons ogs
08-Apr-03 Research shows Euros more optimistic about biotech
08-Apr-03 Food agency accused of bias in GM debate
28-Mar-03 Congress bills press for labeling of GM products
27-Mar-03 Gov't mulls credit aid to Bt corn farmers
26-Mar-03 Hybrid rice sets record in Mindanao
25-Mar-03 War foes urge boycott of us products
21-Mar-03 'Pag-asa Sa Nayon' project to turn cops into rice farmers
21-Mar-03 Is Greenpeace running DENR now?
18-Mar-03 Country will harvest first 'Bt' corn in April
11-Mar-03 UP doctors, academe oppose Bt corn
06-Mar-03 CL rice farmers using less and less insecticides
08-Mar-03 Govt takes firm stand on GM food
06-Mar-03 Govt says no to GM food aid from US
04-Mar-03 GM crop and food policy to be drafted
United States
31-Mar-03 U.S. farmers to grow more biotech crops
10-Mar-03 Cardinal health doubles West Coast sterile manufacturing capacity to support growing biotech industry
10-Mar-03 US doctors group decries 'lies' versus biotechnology crops
09-Mar-03 Manufacturers use corn-based biotech fibre to create bedding, clothes
07-Mar-03 Biopharming controversy grows despite new rules
01-Mar-03 Biotech crops become common on American farms despite health concerns
07-Mar-03 Ban on GM crops would violate farmer's liberty
04-Mar-03 EU ban on GM to stay at least to October
27-Feb-03 Modern biotech lab turned over today
21-Feb-03 DA to monitor distribution of Monsanto Bt corn in RP
20-Feb-03 Global trade in GM crops reaches $4.25 billion in 2002
20-Feb-03 Media forum on GMO set
18-Feb-03 Banana lack sex? In RP, plenty
17-Feb-03 Local feed industry backs gov't on biotechnology stand
15-Feb-03 Bishops gambit on GMOs
10-Feb-03 Shemberg biotech incurs P197-M loss
07-Feb-03 Church asks GMA to halt Bt-corn
03-Feb-03 Hybrid seed seen to solve rice problem
21-Feb-03 Development of biotech crops is booming in Asia
27-Feb-03 Indian government to set up panels to study GM food
27-Feb-03 Bio-engineered rice may help tackle malnutrition
United States
27-Feb-03 US doctors back biotechnology
27-Feb-03 Public 'not fundamentally opposed' to GM crops
31-Jan-03 'Plant-now-pay-later' scheme for hybrid rice formulated
30-Jan-03 Livestock industry supports Bt corn
28-Jan-03 Rice: The extraordinary story of Asia's life-giving grain
21-Jan-03 DA promises to meet rice-production goal, aggie secretary says
16-Jan-03 Rice farm to yield 10 tons per hectare
16-Jan-03 Empowering farmers is top agri agenda
16-Jan-03 Gov't lets Monsanto commence Bt corn commercial production
15-Jan-03 NE exec, farmers to continue using local rice varieties
11-Jan-03 African scientists experimenting with genetically modified corn
United States
17-Jan-03 More farms sprout biotech plants
10-Jan-03 Zoellick threatens WTO action over GM food ban
29-Jan-03 Expert sees in aerobic rice for Asia
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