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Crop biotech for resilience, equity, and ASEAN integration tackled in international conference  18 November

Mindanao Agribiotechnology Farmers Congress  10 November

Pangasinan agriculture officers and farmers appreciate biotech in seminar-workshop  23 October

Philippine NAST talks biotech with local policymakers and stakeholders in Mindanao  22 September

Filipino farmers and other stakeholders push for commercialization of Bt eggplant  8 September

Former UP president cites biotech’s role in Asean integration  27 November

Experts lead open forum on Bt Eggplant during public dialogue  4 September

Stakeholders sign “Declaration of Support for the Commercial Planting of Bt Eggplant” during public dialogue  4 September

SEARCA, ISAAA spearheads 1st public dialogue on BT eggplant in Pangasinan  3 September

Organic farmers, traders hold protest vs GMO food products  4 August

THE BIGGER PICTURE - All that fuss about Bt talong  30 July

Let there be freedom of choice on Bt ‘talong’  28 July

Don’t belittle the Supreme Court  27 July

Bt corn to help Philippines become a player in global chicken market  09 July
GM isn’t scary, says SOFHT chairman   15 August

Genetically Modified Food is the Future, says Nicholas Negroponte   13 August

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BIOTECH SHORTIES: A Video Making Contest

2nd International Conference on Agriculture and Rural Development in Southeast Asia
Invitation to Participate in ARD2014

Latest ABSPII Newsletter:
ABSPII Newsletter Vol. X No.1 (January - July 2014)

Misapplication of the Writ of Kalikasan:



Policy roundtable discussion and media workshop tackle biotechnology in Southeast Asia 30 May 2014

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FEATURE ARTICLE: A Filipino Mother and Farmer Wants to Place GM Eggplant on Her Table

JOURNAL ARTICLES: Media representation of science: How the Philippine press defines biotechnology

Print media reportage of agricultural biotechnology in the Philippines: A decade’s (2000-2009) analysis of news coverage and framing

Development of Fruit and Shoot Borer-Resistant Eggplant in the Philippines Q&A

BOOKLET: Science and Popular Media: How Cartoonists Visualize Crop Biotechnology
Published by ISAAA, June 2012

MONOGRAPH: Adoption and Uptake Pathways of Biotechnology Crops: The Case of Biotech Corn Farmers in Selected Provinces of Luzon, Philippines
Published by UPLB-CDC, ISAAA and SEARCA, March 2012

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VIDEO: Sowing the Seeds of Success: A Decade of Biotech Corn Adoption in the Philippines (2013)

VIDEO: Biotech Campus Journalism Contest (2012)

VIDEO: 6th Jose G. Burgos, Jr. Awards for Biotech Journalism (2011)

MULTIMEDIA: BiotechTOONS Winners (2011)

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